Brokeback World: Chapter 1

This is a fan-fanfiction, inspired by MadLori’s Brokeback Mountain AU in Human Interests and Two Crows Joy. If they wish this taken down, then it shall.

Jack woke up first, earlier than usual. He looked to Ennis sleeping peacefully next to him. He placed a light pec on his cheek before carefully leaving the bed, as to not interrupt Ennis still asleep. His left foot touched the wood floor then jolted back up from the cold, before putting both feet down at once then walked to the cabinet. He searched for clothing, suitable for Ennis and him to wear warm place. Each article of clothing was folded neatly before getting placed inside the suitcase. Soon enough he’s collected enough clothes for both of them. He also added some other stuff: two pairs of sunglasses, one for each of them, some beach equipment, and of course, the half used bottle of lubricant.

After zipping up the suitcase, he walked back to the bed, carefully crawling back on it to wake Ennis.

“Mornin’ Ennis.” He murmured, stroking his cheek.

“Lemme sleep...” Ennis grumbled almost unintelligibly.

“C’mon Ennis, y’gotta take a shower.”

“Mmmh... You go on first.” Ennis turned away, eyes still closed.

“Well, yer gonna need my help, so might ‘s well go t’gether.”

Ennis groaned. “Thats a good point...” his eyes fluttered open and he lifted a hand up to The side of Jack’s face. “Help me up?”

Jack leaned down to meet Ennis’s face, giving him a kiss before carefully helping him up.

After brushing their teeth, showering, and getting dressed, the two men went to the kitchen for breakfast before they go to the airport. Marianne was already there, making the last of her pancakes.

“Mmm, Mornin’ Marianne!” Jack said enthusiastically, “Man, that’s smellin’ good.”

“Good morning to you too, Jack.”

Ennis lagged behind, taking his steps easy as to not strain his healing incision. “Mornin’, Marianne.”

“Good morning, Ennis.” She responded as she finally finished the final pancake. “You guys are up early today, what’s the occasion?”

“Well, Jack here is bringin’ me t’ someplace nice ‘n warm, to give me time t’ heal ‘n all.”

“Wow, that’s today,” she responded, getting ready to take her leave, “I have errands to run to today, so I guess I’ll get going. I’ll see you in about... two weeks?”

“Yeah,” Jack stood up to give het a friendly hug. “Thanks for helpin’ us.”

“Well it is my job.” She walked over to Ennis, who’s sitting down, and gives him a hug as well.

“See ya then, Marianne.” Ennis says as she left.

Jack sat back down next to Ennis, who’s finishing up his meal. He placed his arms over his shoulders and smiled at Ennis.

“Someone’s awful excited” Ennis smirked, “Excited t’ meet them queer folks?”

“Well...” Jack looked up, “Well ain’t none o’ them are ever gonna replace you. I’m just glad we’ll be somewhere no one’ll judge us for bein’ together. Hell, I can even show y’off.” Ennis laughed as Jack kept going. “Look fellas, my man’s better lookin’ than yours.”

The laughter wound down, but their smiles remained. Ennis took his final bite then smiled at Jack, placing his hand on the side of his neck. “Thanks Jack... for doin’ this for me.”

“Aww, Cowboy, y’been through an awful lot y’know? Y’ deserve it.” Jack smiled, his eyes twinkled. Ennis could only look back, his shining blue eyes, so hypnotizing, so captivating.

“Oh, we gotta get goin’” Jack jumped up, then walked behind Ennis to help him up.

“I ain’t no child, I can do it myself!” He grumbled as he stood up slowly. “I uhh... I appreciate yet help though.” Ennis said. “Uhh, Jack?”

“Hmm?” Jack turned to face him.

Ennis grabbed his hand, giving him a reassuring smile. “Let’s go, baby.”

Jack smiled back and together they walked out, and hopped into Jack’s truck, then started the engine.

They arrived 7:30 an hour early for their flight to Florida. Soon enough they were onboard waiting for the plane to fly off. The flight was quite short, as they were to arrive no later than noon.

Jack took out his book, a copy of the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. He flipped to the first page and held Ennis’s hand. Ennis rested his head on Jack’s shoulder, eyes half closed. The presence of Jack so relaxing yet intriguing, keeping him awake.

Jack flipped to the next page, glancing over at Ennis, bringing a smile to his face.

Ennis’s eyes reopened as he heard chattering from the middle row. It was barely audible, but sounded clear to Ennis’s worrying nature. He sat up.


Ennis kept listening.

“Fucking fags...” a man said.

“Such a shame. They look look rather fine.” His wife responded, shielding her son’s eyes from this “unholy” sight.

“Mama, stop it.” He complained, unaware of the situation.

“Damn these queers poisoning my boy.”

“Aw Christ, I shoulda got them first class tickets.” He looked over to Ennis, to see him clenching his fists. “Ennis, no.” He whispered, holding him down. “You ain’t healed enough for that.”

“Hey!” Ennis stood up, against Jack’s will. “Shut yer fuckin’ mouth.”

The man stepped forward, as his wife turned their child away. “Y’think I’ll get scared of queers like you?”

“Ennis that’s enough...” Jack said under his breath.

“Looks like your sissy fag boy is scared,” He took a step forward.

“Don’t you fuckin’ DARE put him into this!”

“Ennis, please... calm down.”

The child managed to escape his mother’s grasp, in time to witness the conflict. “Papa, stop it! They mean no harm!”

“I’m protecting you from these shameful faggots, Jack!”

“Papa, please, just stop!”

Ennis took a step back, and so did the man. “Fine. Just for you, Jack.” He said reluctantly to his son.

Ennis kept giving them mean looks as they the couple tried their best to ignore, and to keep him out of their child’s sight.

“Jus let it slide, Ennis.” Jack pat his back. Ennis turned to Jack to give him a smile, before he drifted back to sleep, resting his head once again on Jack’s shoulder.

About an hour later, Jack lightly shook Ennis awake, “Hey, gotta pay ol’ John a visit.”

Ennis jerked awake, still half asleep. “Huh, Whuh... your father?”

“No, the toilet, dumbass.” He gave a smirk

“Oh... Have fun.” Ennis smiled back, eyes closed, as Jack marked his page, put his book down, then crossed infront of Ennis to go use the restroom. It was currently occupied so he had to wait for a bit.

“Hey” Jack turned around to see that kid who pleaded his father to stop.

“Oh, hey kid.” Jack smiled.

“I’m sorry, for uhh... my dad. He can be crazy sometimes.”

“It’s fine. Thanks for the save.”

“So uhh... how’s your friend.”

“My friend?” Jack realized he’s asking about Ennis. “Oh, he’s recoverin’ from... He ain’t just my friend though.”

“He’s your brother?”

“No, he’s my husband.”

“Woah.” The kid looked amazed for a second, before speaking again. “My mama and papa said that it’s bad. But you don’t seem bad.”

“Well, kid, we ain’t no different other folks. I just happened to fall in love with him, my Ennis.”

“Shouldn’t people get to love who ever they want?”

“That’s right. If only people can understand that like you.”

The kid smiled, then stuck his hand out. “I’m Jack.”

“Hey, me too.” Jack Twist responded, shaking his hand. “Hey, you go on first, bud.” He said as the door opened.

“Thank you, Mr. Jack.” He smiled as he went in first. Jack looked at Ennis from the distance, still asleep, then at little Jack’s family, currently minding their own business. Momentarily, the kid left the bathroom, waving goodbye before sitting back with his family.

Jack came back after his trip to the bathroom, setting Ennis’s head in his shoulders and taking out his book. “Hey Ennis, y’ know the kid’s name?”

“Well, I had to hold myself back, as two Jacks were callin’ me t’stop.” Ennis smiled at his man, eyes half open, observing Jack. He searched for his hand, like they were two magnets longing for eachother. Ennis grabbed Jack’s hand and drifted back to sleep, not letting go.

About an hour later, they arrived to their destination, a little while after 11 am. Ennis stood up and Jack took his backpack from the overhead bin, before they went to the airport to get the other suitcase.

“Y’sure y’ don’t need help, Jack?”

“I’m sure. I cain’t make y’ carry this.”

Luckily, they already rented a car. Jack put the luggage at the trunk then went to the driver seat.

“So, where exactly are y’takin’ me?”

“You’ll see.” Jack smiled, starting the engine, then momentarily driving off. Ennis looked out the window. The sun beaming high, palm trees everywhere. As they drive around they notice a few sites like a grand looking castle.

“Ennis, look. Disney World.”

“Ain’t that fuckin’ expensive. Maybe we can go there in th’ future, with Junior.”

Soon enough they arrived to their destination. It looked like a normal resort, placed near the ocean, but they both know this place won’t place judgement on them. Jack already made a reservation, speaking with the receptionist, and getting a key for their cabin they will stay at for a few weeks.

The warm sun beaming down at them as they walked to their cabin. They caught a few men’s staring eyes, captivated by their unique one-of-a-kind presence. Two cowboys walking around under the blazing heat. Soon enough they arrived to their cabin. Ennis unlocked the door, letting Jack enter with their stuff.

“Jesus Christ, ain’t it hot out there!” Jack complained.

“Well, y’did say y’ was gonna take me s’mplace nice ‘n warm.”

“Yeah, warm. Not tryna cook you alive, hoss.” Jack started taking off his shirt right infront of Ennis. “I’m gonna change.”

Ennis could only watch. His muscular chest getting exposed. “Nice view we got from here.”

Jack looked up to see that Ennis was looking at him instead of out the window. He smiled back while changing into his swimming trunks. “Like whatcha see?”

“Ain’t that right.”

“Your turn, handsome.” Jack walked over to Ennis, helping him change into his.

“Thanks, Rodeo.”

Jack grabbed a few other things to take with them outside.

Better (very) late than never, eh?

In my defence, I wasn't even old enough to see it until just a few years ago (I'm 21 now), and I'm just not much of a film buff. One night a little while ago, I saw it on On Demand and I'd heard it was quite good, so I thought, "Hm, why not? I don't have anything better to do." 2 and 1/2 hours later, I was sitting there, gobsmacked and with tears pouring down my face.

Looking at all of the old posts...I'm rather torn between wishing I'd been a part of this fandom from the beginning (the passion here truly is something to behold), and wishing I were in a parallel universe where I'd had the privilege of working on the film. (Hell, I honestly wish I'd been around when Livejournal was a popular thing - there's something more appealing about it than Tumblr and suchlike.) Though, honestly? I feel sort of lucky that I was too young at the time to have ever heard of Heath Ledger. I can't imagine how y'all felt, but I can understand perfectly how that day in 2008 really, in the words of andrianne2904, "sucked all the fan out of the fandom".

I won't beat round the bush — yes, this is the umpteenth iteration of "WANTED: Saved Fanfics!" If you've got any of the golden oldie fanfiction backed up, I'd be really grateful if you'd send it my way. I'm interested in any genre. (And if you're worried about the legal trouble some authors got into way back when, I'm the image of discreetness.)

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Looking for any lost fics


This is a bit of a longshot, but I've just watched Brokeback Mountain and I'm dying to read some fic. I've read pretty much everything still up, but I'd be extremely grateful for any lost gems that anyone might have saved, or can point me in a direction to ask.

I'll love anything I'm sent, but I'm particularly interested in:
"Somebody New" by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
"Beans and Crazies" by montana_crows
"If I Asked" by midwest_girl
"For a Little While" and "Some Silver Lining" by maidenofthesea

Fic Finding

heyo! i'm very, very late to the party (watched brokeback for the first time on 10/10/18) and am distraught over the fact that a lot of the old, renowned fics are just... gone. if anyone has a copy of the fics below (or of fics that have been deleted!) please send them to (i've been scouring bettermost, etc. for copies of them, but so far have had no luck. feel free to send any of your favorite works, as well!)

EDIT (Dec 4): wow, the outpouring of emails over the last two months has been awesome! i'm so glad this community is still alive and kicking even after so many years. i'm still looking for fics! the ones below are a few i haven't been able to track down copies of. Shoot me an email if you have any c:

any fics by lovehurts4ever
Nothing But Time by leorising
Guilty Pleasure by Cornflakes
The Gambler by rt_in_town
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Best Friends Forever
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12 days of Christmas by Montana Crows and fizzerbass
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Deleted Fics

Hi friends,

I'm looking for a copy of "If I Asked" by Midwest-Girl. I have been promised it's a very good read.

I just finished watching the movie Brokeback Mountain and am disappointed I missed all the hype and inspired fan works. I hope that some of you have some left saved on your hard drives. Please feel welcome to send some of your favorite works my way.

All the best.
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All I want

I wonder if anyone has the fic called "All I want" by (I think) wannabebrit.  I know it wasn't completed, but I would still like to read up until that point. I remember really loving it at the time.
My email is