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The Wranglers of Brokeback Mountain

...anything to do with Brokeback Mountain goes here!

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Everything Brokeback Mountain: 2000+ MEMBERS!
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Welcome to W R A N G L E R S.

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Welcome to wranglers, the first and largest Brokeback Mountain community on livejournal. Brokeback Mountain, the short story, was written by Annie Proulx and was made into a movie starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, released in December 2005. Brokeback Mountain garnered much critical acclaim and a large and obsessive fan base, which almost immediately vaulted it into a cult-status movie.

This community is here for members to post news, fan fiction/fan art, reviews, graphics, thoughts, discussion questions - anything- regarding Brokeback Mountain. However, all posts are moderated so be sure to read the rules of the community before posting.

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*Flame any of the stories, authors, members or mods. Courtesy and respect is expected in this community.
*Post one-line posts. Things such as, "the movie was BRILLIANT!" or "I can't wait until I can buy the DVD!" do not add anything to the community and simply spam friends pages. Need to get your post-viewing OMG reactions out? Post them HERE.
*Post nudity that was not specifically included in the film.
*Post copyrighted material (ie- downloadable music files) without friends locking the entry

If your post has any of the above elements, it will be rejected. If your post is rejected, you will recieve a note from one of the mods explaining where you went wrong. And please note: off topic posts will be kept to a minmum and accepted at the mods' discretion. Posts now don't have to be approved - when you post something, it will automatically be posted to the community, but you still need to follow the rules. Posts WILL be deleted without warning if you do not follow the rules.

And please, before posting a question, SEARCH through the community. Double posts have become a problem lately, and can be easily prevented if you use the search tool at the very top of the userinfo. It is the magnifying glass icon, situated between the memories and nudge buttons, and will direct you to all posts made in wranglers about your query.

*When you're reviewing, please don't write "IT WAS FANTASTIC" and then post the entry. Posts like that don't fit into a community. Lengthy reviews where you really dig through the movie and tell us what you feel= good! Short reviews that have already been done= bad.
*If posting fanfiction, show respect to the members by adding disclaimers in your post. A rating should always be added so that people can chose if the story is appropriate for them. If you do not know how to rate your story/artwork properly, just warn people if there is any sexual content.

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Your maintainers are Kristin (soviets) and Keshia (syntheticrain). Feel free to contact either/both of us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have at jakeheathcreations[at]hotmail[dot]com.

We are currently not looking for mods. A post will be made in the community if/when we need more.
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Feel free to help advertise the community with our banner!

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